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For more than 24 years, we have been working in the construction sector of commercial and industrial buildings developing electrical and telecommunication projects in Colombia, custom software development and prototyping... now, we starting our company in Florida U.S.


Our firm of engineer in Colombia, develop activities of design, audit, construction and maintenance of electrical and telecommunication networks, intelligent buildings, datacenters, cloud & premises infrastructure, WiFi/ 4G/ 5G/ wireless communication , optical fiber, grounded systems, solar panels & systems, intrusion alarm system, IP CCTV, fire detection systems; sales, installation, settings of equipment, networks, cybersecurity, and the Internet. In recent years, we have developed custom software and prototypes for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Now, all of this are available for your projects!


In 2030 our firm will be preferred for its excellence, opportunity and fair price.


We will serve the entire state of Florida  providing electrical and computing services, IT services and engineering services for construction.

Also, development of custom software and hardware & software prototyping.

  • ​​Wiring a house: installing a new panel, wires, outlets, switches, and automation.

  • Solar panels & systems.

  • ​Smart home installation. 

  • Data networks, ​Internet, cybersecurity, optical fiber, & WiFi networks. 

  • Commercial & Industrial projects.

  • Datacenters & Telecom Rooms.

  • Custom software construction. Frontend, Backend, Unit Testing, Microservices,  

  • Hardware & software prototyping.

  • IoT developing with Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry, and others. 

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